The Intersolar AWARD – Powering the Future with Innovation

Intersolar strives to promote the industry’s power to innovate. As the world's leading exhibition series for the solar industry and its partners, Intersolar focuses on the technologies and services which make solar power globally successful, now and in the future.

In this context, the Intersolar AWARD is presented to companies making a substantial contribution to the success of the industry. Each year, the solar award honors technological innovations and groundbreaking solutions around the topic of the AWARD category Photovoltaics. Over a period of more than 10 years, the flagship award for the solar industry has given solar companies a unique platform to gain broad international recognition and distinguish themselves from the competition.

Technologies for the Intersolar AWARD

Innovations in the area of photovoltaics are driving the modernization of the energy infrastructure worldwide. The coveted Intersolar AWARD has set itself the goal of honoring these innovations with the award category Photovoltaics. Innovative PV technologies can be submitted such as:

  • Solar cells
  • Crystalline PV modules
  • Thin-film solar modules
  • Inverters
  • PV monitoring, measuring and control technologies
  • Building Integrated Solutions (BIPV)
  • Stand-alone systems, off-grid systems
  • Small solar devices
  • ICT, PV software
  • PV components (cables, connectors, junction boxes, etc.)
  • Mounting systems, installation aids
  • Tracking systems
Intersolar AWARD winners 2019

Intersolar AWARD winners 2019

The most significant developments and pioneering solutions in the solar industry have been awarded for the twelfth time in a row. This year, the coveted Intersolar AWARD in the category “Photovoltaics” was presented to:

The lucky winners Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Raycatch Ltd. and Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. were honored at the AWARD Ceremony as part of the The smarter E Europe in Munich. For years, the AWARD Ceremony has been a highlight of the exhibitions and a source of excellent publicity for the winners, and the finalists. It is attended by high-caliber dignitaries and brings together Intersolar exhibitors, trade press representatives, and decision-makers from the international solar industry.

AWARD Winners

rophy and finalist signet of the Intersolar AWARD finalists 2019

Intersolar AWARD finalists 2019

The Intersolar AWARD finalists 2019 in the Photovoltaics category have been selected. Higher performance and greater efficiency combined with a longer service life – those are the trends for solar modules in 2019:

  • ABB
  • Beijing Hanergy PV Investment Ltd.
  • Contec Deutschland GmbH
  • Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • Raycatch Ltd.
  • Staudinger GmbH
  • SunPower Corp.
  • Tessolar Inc.
  • Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.

All about the AWARD Finalists

Testimonials Intersolar AWARD

Haggai Hofland as testimonial of the Intersolar AWARD 2019

Haggai Hofland
CEO, Raycatch
Intersolar AWARD Winner 2019

"We are honored to have received the prestigious Intersolar AWARD 2019 in recognition of our innovative DeepSolar 2.0 solution. Our solution analyzes existing solar production high-volume data, cleans the data noise and provides actionable ROI-driven insights that increase yield and lower operational costs. This award is another great milestone on our way to move the solar industry one step forward towards digitization."  

Hans Jürgen Sauter as testimonial of Intersolar AWARD winner 2018

Hans Jürgen Sauter
Intersolar AWARD Winner 2018

"We are very happy and proud that we won the Intersolar Award 2018 for our integrated software and hardware package that reduces the time for planning and installing large-scale PV plants by 10 - 30%. We integrated Award pictures and statements in our company presentation as well as in social networks with a great feedback. Thus, the Intersolar Award clearly helped to raise the awareness for this topic and at the same time serves as a kind of confirmation for the innovative nature of our company."

Christiane Schumacher as testimonial of Intersolar AWARD winner 2018

Christiane Schumacher
Head of Global Channel Management and Marketing Communications, ABB Solar GmbH
Intersolar AWARD Winner 2018

"We are honored to have received the established and prestigious Intersolar Award 2018 in the “Photovoltaics” category for our PVS-175-TL, ABB’s new ultra-high power, 1500V string inverter. It is the reward for the hard work, passion and engineering excellence that our team has put into this product innovation. This award is globally recognized and gives us an additional boost in terms of visibility and market demand creation for this product."

Peter Schrum as testimonial of Intersolar AWARD winner 2017

Peter Schrum
Founder & Main Shareholder, SUNfarming Group
Intersolar AWARD Winner 2017

„We are honored to receive the Intersolar Award for our contribution to provide jobs and education, food and energy and infrastructure where they are urgently needed. Food & Energy Project could uniquely contribute to the sustainable improvement of the living conditions of people in developing countries and crisis regions. The Award is internationally recognized and supports us in our efforts to realize the Food & Energy Project worldwide."

Evaluation Criteria Intersolar AWARD

A. Degree of Technological Innovation (30%)

  • Technological advancement
  • Technological creativity and quality
  • Singularity in comparison with other solutions

B. Safety (15%)

  • Compliance with international safety standards

C. Technical and Environmental Benefits (20%)

  • Technological benefits
  • Environmental benefits and socially relevant features

D. Economic Benefits (20%)

  • Economic benefits for the user
  • Demand, markets and marketing strategy

E. Proof of Innovation (10%)

  • Proof of functionality and ingenuity, test results, certifications, patents, references

F. Presentation (5%)

  • Format and quality of description and presentation
  • Extent of application documentation

Intersolar AWARD Jury

Dr. Pierre-Jean Alet as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Dr. Pierre-Jean Alet
Senior Expert Modules & Systems Photovoltaics

Michael Schmela as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Michael Schmela
Executive Advisor
Solar Power Europe

Dr. Michael Fuhs as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Dr. Michael Fuhs
Editor-in-chief „pv magazine Deutschland“
Solarpraxis AG

Philippe Malbranche as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Philippe Malbranche
Institut National de l’Energie Solaire CEA-INES

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Powalla as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Powalla
Head of the Photovoltaics Division
Member of the Board of Directors
Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung (ZSW) Baden-Wuerttemberg

Dr. Heribert Schmidt as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Dr. Heribert Schmidt
Senior Scientist, ISE Fellow
Group Advanced Devices and Technologies
Department Power Electronics and Grid Technologies

Winfried Hoffmann as member of the Intersolar AWARD Jury

Dr. Winfried Hoffmann
Applied Solar Expertise (ASE)